How To Handle Arrogant People!


This article will show you how to handle arrogant people...

Arrogant people are not so confident as they may seem to be. They tend to cause arguments and pick on other people because they themselves are incredibly insecure.

Their insecurity could originate from a lack of attention from childhood, it could come from being bullied or it could come from seeking validation because they don’t know how to validate themselves as individuals.

They usually want to be praised for everything they do, even if what they do can be done by anybody else easily.

What you need to understand about arrogant people is that they are driven by two forces. Validation and de-validation. Whenever they bully they seek to validate themselves or seek to be validated by others.

On the other side, whenever they feel de-validated it will cause them to feel insecure and defeated.

You can easily get arrogant people on your side by praising them and validating what they do as awesome. They will immediately warm to you because they are fuelled by validation from you, they will want to have you as their friend.

To get an arrogant person to leave you alone you must learn to de-value his/her attempts to act cool. You must make him realize that everything he/she does is a complete waste of his/her time and messing with you will only cause him/her to lose.

The best way to de-value an arrogant person without stooping down to their level is to have good self esteem. Your self esteem within itself will cause you to feel immune to arrogant comments and the arrogant individual will learn to give up.

If you don’t have good self esteem just yet, you could do some of the following techniques on them..

You could try raising an eyebrow at their comments as if he/she was a complete loser for attempting to bully you. A look of disapproval or a ‘shaking of the head’ will cause them to feel like they lost immediately.

You could ask “What exactly is your point here?” “What exactly are you trying to do?” this will cause them to either fess up to their manipulative attempts or cower at the fact that they were trying to compensate for their lack of self security.

You could also give them the ‘yes’ treatment. You do this by agreeing with everything they say in a slightly undermining tone ‘yes that’s nice’ ‘Oh really, good for you mate’ “yup, thumps up mate!’ ‘Yeah ok, that’s great (roll your eyes)’ etc…

This will cause them to slowly give up on trying to bully you aswell.

Most of all, learning to ignore bullying behaviour with self confidence and self security is your best bet. Rolling your eyes can be great fun and nothing is more gratifying then seeing that look of defeat in their eyes.

Try not to mistake that these people are not also human beings too; Remember, they are dealing with their own difficulties in life, so make sure you don’t become the bully yourself as a result of getting rid of your bully.

If you can learn to laugh with the bully you will find that you will get along with arrogant people much more easily, since you will learn not to take their remarks so seriously. Stay firm and do it for your amusement.

Hope you liked this…

All the best,

Nicholas Finnegan

P.S. How do I know about any of this? Because I used to be the bully. I have been studying myself and other people since childhood. Social banter has always been one of my best skills. Sometimes it could get out of hand and cause trouble. I gave it up because I found it’s much more better to be polite, plus since teenage years I have raised my self esteem beyond levels I could have never imagined quickly. To do this for yourself grab your course here…

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