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This article shows you how to be a real man and learn how to attract real quality women...

What is a REAL man exactly? What is a TRUE Alpha male?

In our general society we are told that an alpha male is someone who pushes people around, who is arrogant - doesn't care what anybody else thinks and is only concerned about his own needs.

This is simply not true!

Actually, a real alpha male has very important qualities.

The first is that he has the ability to show compassion to others, the second is that he has a powerful self respect and a courageous eye for leadership!

Have you ever met a person who was strong, who you felt safe around and who was able to uplift you and keep a smile on your face no matter what the situation? Someone who was in control of themselves and radiated a strong presence that allowed you to look up to that person?

When you learn to walk through the world with a masculine energy that conveys confidence and personal power as you feel secure within yourself and be considerate of others without turning into an emotional wreck; You gain true flexibility and power.

Let's go through a little example here:

Imagine that you are in the army, your a commander on the battle field and you notice someone is injured.

In our general societies point of view, as an alpha male, you would probably imagine the commander telling the injured man to suck it up and keep going. The wounded man circumstances is totally ignored and he is forced to go into battle no matter how he feels.

If the soft type of man were the commander (according to our society) he would start getting upset, his ability to make decisions would weaken and he'll be totally disoriented about what has happened to the injured man, which will leave the soldiers to doubt their commanders ability to lead them to victory.

The true alpha male will act a little differently in this situation though. He would stay strong in his ability to lead the team to victory. The commander will also be able to notice and understand his injured solders predicament. He recognizes a member of his team is injured, he congruently checks up on him, makes sure how he's feeling and encourages him to go on.

He steps down to the soldiers level and then brings him back up to a place of power, confidence and motivation. He doesn't ignore his soldiers circumstances or regard him as weak, but he doesn't let his injured soldier 'set the tone' or effect the outcome to win the victory.

The true alpha male has a balance of strength and consideration. He is bold and also respects people because he is secure enough within himself to be a provider and a leader in life.

This is what a true alpha male is, the ability to make others strong and safe around you, to enhance people and stay strong within your ability to understand others and protect the ones you love with strength that knows no bounds!

A villain is someone who uses power to take advantage of others. It's someone who steals and tries to induce fear to make them feel superior, with total disregard of the consequences.

A civilian is someone who can't protect himself, someone who needs to be saved and someone who can't stick up for himself and someone who allows people to take advantage of him.

The Hero is secure within his ability to make quick decisions, he jumps into dangerous situations with total disregard of his own safety to protect and help others around him. The hero is courageous, understands his own strengths, he doesn't get ahead of himself and he is fuelled with a secure confidence that is unbreakable and unbeatable.

The fact that the hero cares about others makes him more stronger and unstoppable. His power is used to enhance others because he is completely secure in his power to do so.

Once you begin to walk through the world with an inner strength that cannot be broken or crumbled by other people, and be able to care about others without becoming like them, and also be a leader in life and strong enough to be a provider you become a true alpha male.

In short there are three qualities you must learn to become a true leader.

1. Be unbreakable in mind, body and spirit.

2. Be considerate of other people, understand them and enhance them with your powerful energy.

3. Have goals, be a leader in life and be courageous enough to go after your dreams, break through limitations in a way that represents your ability to be a provider in life.

These three qualities signify a true alpha male; And having people like this in your life is a true inspirational to us all.

To become this type of person for yourself, you must begin to build your self esteem and confidence, you must be un-afraid of showing love to people and you must be adventurous and have enough personal power to go after what you want.

An alpha male is like a friendly giant, someone who is strong and shows consideration.

Let's do a small exercise:

1. Imagine that there is a more confident self in front of you. Imagine yourself having all the special qualities of an alpha male like we discussed.

2. Now watch your alpha male self grow 40 feet tall. Watch and hear how your thunderous voice exudes with power and finesse from this higher place.

3. Now imagine stepping into this alpha male self now, and look through those 40 foot tall eyes and feel the power of what it's like to be strong and caring at the same time.

4. Notice other people around you, imagine connecting with them, feeling powerful within yourself as you make eye contact, enhancing them and feeling secure and confident with yourself as you do it.

Once you make this attitude a part of your physiology, mind and emotional field by using this exercise more often, you'll begin to radiate an alpha male energy that is congruent and very rare.

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All the best,

Nicholas Finnegan

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